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1. Macquarie Island Poa annua soil samples 2010-11: Springtail abundance and habitat [AAS_4024_macquarie_springtails_2010-11]
In 2010-11 70mm soil cores were collected from locations at Macquarie Island rich in the invasive plant Poa annua. The cores were collected at 22 sites, with 10 samples per site. Processing and identification ...

2. A bibliography containing references to flora from the Antarctic and subantarctic regions [F_Bibliography]
A bibliography of references relating to flora from the Antarctic and subantarctic regions, dating from 1859 to 2002. The bibliography was compiled by Dana Bergstrom, and contains 993 references.

3. Long-term Soil Fertility Experiment, Orja, Sweden [SLU.Orja]
This experiment began in 1957 at a site that was cultivated for several centuries before the start of the experiment. It has had no manure (and no cattle) since 1912. The geology at the site is glacial ...

4. Plant Demographic Studies in Sagebrush -- Grass Communities [USDA0171]
Data were collected to test the following hypotheses: (1) Grazing decreases plant longevity; (2) Semi-logarithmic model best describes plant population survivorship curve, and, (3) Recruitment to ...

5. Responses of Range Grasses and Soils to Global Change [USDA0094]
The purpose of the "Responses of Range Grasses and Soils to Global Change" dataset is to understand basic, mechanistic responses of grass species and soils to growth under different CO2, water regimes, ...

6. South Road Tillage, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Cropping Experiment, Scotland [SAC.SouthRoad]
Collection of data for this data set began in 1967. The Data are collected at a cool temperate site which had mixed arable cropping for many years. The crops were: springbarley 1967-1983; winter ...

7. The Global Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) 3 CD-ROM Data Set from Rutgers University [GRASS_RUTGERS]
The Cook College Remote Sensing Center of Rutgers University and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (USA/CERL) have signed a cooperative agreement ...

8. LBA-ECO ND-01 Forest and Pasture Soil and Grass Analyses, Rondonia, Brazil: 2003-2004 [ND01_PASTURE_NUTRIENTS]
This data set provides soil physical and chemical properties, and grass nutrient measurements of samples collected from 17 pasture sites located within the state of Rondonia in the southwestern Brazilian ...

9. LBA-ECO ND-01 Reflectance and Biophysical Measures, Grass Pastures: Rondonia, Brazil [ND01_PASTURE_SPECTRA]
This data set provides the results of spectral reflectance (350 to 2,500 nm at 1-nm increments) and biophysical measurements on grass pastures in eight cattle ranches in the state of Rondonia, located ...

The data set consists of a LBA study area subset of the IGBP DISCover Data Set. The DISCover data set is one data set contained within the Global Land Cover Characteristics Data Base. The U.S. Geological ...

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