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1. Argonne 0.2-Degree Land Use and Deposition Data [NCAR_DS766.0]
This dataset contains land use classification data on a 1/6-degree by 1/4-degree grid covering the United States from 52W longitude to 134W and from 24N latitude to 54N. Also ...

2. Bishop's High-resolution (DX) Surface Solar Irradiance derived [NCAR_DS741.1]
Global surface solar irradiance data derived from ISCCP data in 0.5-degree-square boxes. Daily values of total irradiance, clear sky irradiance, photosynthetically active radiation ...

3. Cogley and Briggs Global 1-Degree Precipitation Climatology and Topography [NCAR_DS768.0]
This dataset contains 1-degree global topography data and precipitation climatology.

4. GISS Global Methane and Livestock Distribution, 1-Degree [NCAR_DS866.0]
A global high resolution data base of animal population densities and associated methane (CH4) emissions has been developed at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies ...

5. Limpert's GSFC Precipitation, Temperature and Derived Soil Moisture Analyses [NCAR_DS865.0]
Global long period monthly mean precipitation, temperature, and derived fields of evapotranspiration, soil moisture, storage, etc.

6. Matthew's GISS Global 1-Degree Vegetation, Land-use and Albedo Data [NCAR_DS765.0]
This dataset, from Elaine Matthews of NASA, contains six databases of global 1-degree data for use in climate studies. The six databases are a vegetation dataset representing ...

7. Matthew's GSFC Global Wetlands and Methane Emission, 1-Degree [NCAR_DS765.5]
Global (1 degree grid) distribution, characteristics and methane emission of natural wetlands by Elaine Matthews (NASA).

8. NASA International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) C2, 1983-1991 [NCAR_DS742.1]
Monthly averages for each 3-hour period during a day, and monthly average for all data Extended to Jun 30, 1991 as of Jul 5, 1995. News as of August 23, 1993: ISCCP Global ...

9. NASA International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) D1 [NCAR_DS742.5]
Gridded cloud products for each 3-hour period during a day on a global, 280km equal-area grid

10. NASA International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) D2 [NCAR_DS742.6]
Monthly averages for each 3-hour period during a day, and monthly averages for all days on 280km equal-area global grids

11. NMC Global Elevation Data, 2.5-Degree and Spectral [NCAR_DS757.0]
This dataset contains global terrain elevation data on a 2.5-degree latitude/longitude grid and spectral coefficients of terrain that can be used to create terrain fields for ...

12. NSCAT/NCEP Blended Ocean Winds (Version 1.0) [NCAR_DS744.6]
Ocean surface wind vector components and wind stress curl data products are derived from spatial blending of high-resolution satellite data (NASA Scatterometer - NSCAT) and ...

13. Olson's CDIAC Major World Ecosystem Complexes Ranked by Carbon in Live Vegetation at 30-Minute Resolution [NCAR_DS769.0]
A computerized database used to generate a global vegetation map of 44 different land ecosystem complexes comprising seven broad groups is provided. The database provides a ...

14. QSCAT/NCEP Blended Ocean Winds from Colorado Research Associates (version 5.0) [NCAR_DS744.4]
Ocean surface wind data are derived from spatial blending of high-resolution satellite data (SeaWinds instrument on the QuikSCAT satellite - QSCAT) and global weather center ...

15. Rand's Global Elevation and Depth Data [NCAR_DS750.1]
This dataset contains elevation and depth data at 1-degree resolution across the globe. This set was derived from a set originally compiled at Scripps Institute of Oceanography ...

16. Scripps Global Elevation and Depth Data [NCAR_DS750.0]
Scripps Elevation and Ocean Depth Data, global, 1 degree and 5 degree. It has been superseded by more current Terrain Elevation [ ...

17. Staub and Rosenweig's GISS Soil and Surface Slope, 1-Degree [NCAR_DS770.0]
Global data for soil type, texture, surface slope and other properties, at a 1 degree resolution. Based on FAO soil maps (1974) and on Matthews vegetation dataset (DS765.0. ...

18. The Global Distribution of Freshwater Wetlands, 1995 [NCAR_DS764.0]
Global distribution of freshwater wetlands, both 1x1 degree resolution interpolated at NCAR, and the original Anselman & Crutzen 2.5x5 degree resolution.

19. U.S. Navy 10-Minute Global Elevation and Geographic Characteristics [NCAR_DS754.0]
This free dataset, compiled by the U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (with data help from NCAR), contains global elevation data at 10-minute resolution. Each 10-minute ...

20. USGS 30 ARC-second Global Elevation Data, GTOPO30 [NCAR_DS758.0]
GTOPO30 is a global raster digital elevation model (DEM) providing terrain elevation data with a horizontal grid spacing of 30 arc seconds (approximately 1 kilometer). GTOPO30 ...

21. Wilson, Henderson-Sellers' 1-Degree Global Vegetation and Soils [NCAR_DS767.0]
Soil and vegetation type data from Henderson-Sellers on a global 1 degree grid. Also called the "Wilson tape."

22. Global Ocean Precipitation Frequency and Characteristics, by Petty [NCAR_DS541.2]
Grant Petty used the present-weather code values from COADS shipboard reports (1958-1991) to evaluate the frequencies and characteristics of global oceanic precipitation.

23. NCEP/CPC Four Kilometer Precipitation Set, Gauge and Radar [NCAR_DS507.5]
A prototype, real-time, hourly, multi-sensor National Precipitation Analysis has been developed at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) in cooperation with ...

24. Ocean-atmosphere heat, momentum and freshwater flux, climatology, by Josey et al. [NCAR_DS540.9]
Simon A. Josey, Elizabeth C. Kent, and Peter K. Taylor compiled the SOC monthly mean flux atlas on a 1 degree by 1 degree grid. The fields have been derived from the COADS ...

25. Bunker Climate Atlas of the North Atlantic Ocean [NCAR_DS209.2]
Contains monthly grids of surface parameters.

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