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1. ADEOS Scatterometer Winds, Level 2B [NCAR_DS744.7]
Sea surface wind estimated by scatterometer instruments on the ADEOS satellite. JPL PO.DAAC [] has initiated reprocessing of all ADEOS and QuikSCAT ...

2. AVHRR Pathfinder Atmosphere (PATMOS) Climate Dataset [NCAR_DS702.0]
A reprocessing of Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) Pathfinder atmosphere (PATMOS) results in a 20-year global climate dataset providing information on the earth's ...

3. Arctic Surface Temperature Analyses, monthly, by Walsh [NCAR_DS222.0]
Monthly analysis of Arctic surface temperature.

4. Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration, monthly, Walsh et al. [NCAR_DS233.0]
Using various sources for sea ice concentration John Walsh and Bill Chapman have derived a monthly time series of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice concentration.

5. Arctic surface temperature and pressure from Argos buoys [NCAR_DS256.2]
University of Washington Polar Science Center ARGOS buoy data for January-June and October-December 1987. This data is supplied by the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Dataset ...

6. Argonne 0.2-Degree Land Use and Deposition Data [NCAR_DS766.0]
This dataset contains land use classification data on a 1/6-degree by 1/4-degree grid covering the United States from 52W longitude to 134W and from 24N latitude to 54N. Also ...

7. Arkin's GOES Half-Monthly Temperature Distribution Histograms, December 1981 to October 1989 [NCAR_DS718.0]
This dataset contains global semi-monthly temperature distribution histograms derived from GOES satellite data. The data are on a 2.5-degree grid and span cover the period ...

8. Arkin's Monthly Tropical Wind and OLR, 1968-1984 [NCAR_DS719.0]
Monthly tropical strip wind and outgoing longwave radiation (OLR). OLR is the 1985 revised calibration. For the 1974-1978 period, the winds here are better than in the NMC ...

9. Atlas of Surface Marine Data, climatology and monthly, by Da Silva and Young [NCAR_DS541.1]
COADS observations (1945-1993) were used to derive climatologies and year-month anomalies for the basic observed variables and heat flux components. The data are analyzed to ...

10. Bishop's High-resolution (DX) Surface Solar Irradiance derived [NCAR_DS741.1]
Global surface solar irradiance data derived from ISCCP data in 0.5-degree-square boxes. Daily values of total irradiance, clear sky irradiance, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR, 400-70 irradiance, ...

11. Bishop's Surface Solar Irradiance derived from ISCCP [NCAR_DS741.0]
Global surface solar irradiance data derived from ISCCP data in 2.5-degree-square boxes. Daily and monthly total irradiance, daily clear sky irradiance, monthly cloud fraction, ...

12. Bunker Climate Atlas of the North Atlantic Ocean [NCAR_DS209.2]
Contains monthly grids of surface parameters.

13. CAC Outgoing Longwave Radiation, Monthly Means and Half Month Means, 1974Jun-1999Feb [NCAR_DS718.5]
This dataset contains monthly and semi-monthly means of outgoing longwave radiation derived from polar orbiting satellites passing over each earth location at least twice daily. ...

14. CPC Merged Analysis of Precipitation (CMAP) [NCAR_DS728.1]
Precipitation from five kinds of satellite estimates and the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis model output are combined for global coverage monthly precipitation values. The standard products ...

15. Campbell's Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE), 1978Nov-1983Oct [NCAR_DS730.0]
Radiation Budget Climatology, for the top of the atmosphere.

16. Chang's SSM/I Monthy Precipitation Estimates [NCAR_DS729.0]
This Global Precipitation Climate Project (GPCP) dataset contains 89 months of DMSP SSM/I derived monthly rainfall indices on a 5-degree latitude/longitude grid covering the ...

17. Climatological Mean Global Wind Stress and Curl, by Harrison et al. [NCAR_DS232.1]
A monthly mean climatological wind stress was derived from the National Climate Center TDF-11 ocean observations. The dataset was derived in 1989 using the Large and Pond algorithm ...

18. Cogley and Briggs Global 1-Degree Precipitation Climatology and Topography [NCAR_DS768.0]
This dataset contains 1-degree global topography data and precipitation climatology.

19. Daily Northern Hemisphere Sea Level Pressure Grids, continuing from 1899 [NCAR_DS010.0]
The 5-degree latitude/longitude grids contained in this dataset make up the longest continuous set of daily gridded Northern Hemisphere sea-level pressure data in the DSS archive. ...

20. Dewey and Heim's Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover, Weekly and Monthly 1966Nov-1991Dec [NCAR_DS315.0]
This dataset, from the National Snow and Ice Data Center, contains weekly and monthly grids of snow cover fields for November 1966 through December 1991. The data values (indicating ...

21. ESA ERS-1 and ERS-2 Scatterometer Ocean Surface Winds [NCAR_DS744.0]
There are several products available in this dataset. * Wind direction and speed derived by JPL from the scatterometer instrument aboard the ERS-1 and ERS-2 satellites. These along ...

22. Equatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Analyses (EPOCS) [NCAR_DS251.0]
Collected for EPOCS by CAC from various sources.

23. Extended Reconstructed Sea Level Pressure (ERSLP) [NCAR_DS277.5]
The extended reconstructed sea level pressure (ERSLP) analysis was constructed using the most recently available Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) SLP data and ...

24. FSU/COAPS Pacific and Indian Ocean Monthly Pseudo-Wind Stress [NCAR_DS230.0]
Ship and buoy observed winds are used at FSU/COAPS to produce objectively analyzed grids of pseudo-wind stress for the tropical Pacific and Indian Ocean. Note: ...

25. Feiber's Global 500mb and 300mb Vorticity Indices, 1946-1979Feb [NCAR_DS814.0]
This dataset contains global 500mb and 300mb vorticity area indices which were compiled by the Aspen Institute. The indices are stored on polar-stereographic grids, one for ...

26. GATE Analyses by Ooyama, Chu and Esbensen, 1974Aug-Sep [NCAR_DS310.0]
These volumes contain the Ooyama, Esbensen and Chu analysis of upper air soundings taken during Phase III of GATE. The analyzed data has been interpolated to a regular grid ...

27. GEWEX NASA Water Vapor Project (NVAP) [NCAR_DS722.0]
A five year (1988-1992) total and layered global water vapor data set on 1x1 degree grids. This set is derived from radiosonde observations, TOVS and SSMI data. Precipitable ...

28. GFDL COADS Global Sea Surface Temperature Analyses, by Oort and Yi [NCAR_DS271.0]
Based on 2 degree COADS and monthly SST climatology for 1950-1979.

29. GFDL MOM Climatological Ocean Initialization Analyses [NCAR_DS287.0]
Formatted and Unformatted data archive used to create initialization grids for the GFDL MOM model.

30. GISS Global Methane and Livestock Distribution, 1-Degree [NCAR_DS866.0]
A global high resolution data base of animal population densities and associated methane (CH4) emissions has been developed at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies ...

31. GPCP Combined Precipitation Data [NCAR_DS728.0]
This dataset contains monthly combined satellite-gauge precipitation data as well as error estimates. A climatology is also available. All data is available on a 2.5 by 2.5 ...

32. Gelman's NMC Northern Hemisphere Stratospheric Analyses, wkly 1976Jul-1977Apr [NCAR_DS190.3]
Satellite radiance information was used to produce a "first guess" of the geopotential height and temperature fields at the 5mb, 2mb, and 0.4mb stratospheric levels, and available ...

33. German IGY Tropical Sea Level Pressure, daily 1957Jun-1958 [NCAR_DS106.0]
This dataset contains sea-level pressure data on a 5-degree latitude/longitude grid over the global tropics from 25S to 25N. The time period covered by the data is for the ...

34. Global (60N-60S) Monthly Temperature Anomaly and Heat Storage, by White [NCAR_DS260.0]
Grids of temperature from XBT's taken during 1950-1993 were used to construct grids on 11 levels from 0 to 400 meters.

35. Global Air Temperature and Precipitation Climatologies, by Willmott et al. [NCAR_DS236.0]
Cort J. Willmott, Kenji Matsuura and David R. Legates (Center for Climate Research, University of Deleware), created a new version of this dataset (version 2.01) in November ...

36. Global Land Precipitation Analyses, monthly 1851-1989 [NCAR_DS238.0]
This is a dataset of world monthly precipitation data from stations, and the associated monthly gridded analyses, 1851-1989. This dataset also contains a gridded monthly long ...

37. Global Meteorological Forcing Dataset for Land Surface Modeling [NCAR_DS314.0]
New release of 1948-2008 data available as of July 3, 2011. A global, 50-year, dataset of meteorological forcings has been developed that can be used to drive models of land ...

38. Global Monthly Surface Temperature Anomalies (1856-2005), Precipitation (1900-1998), and Sea Level Pressure (1873-2000) from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit [NCAR_DS215.0]
Some selected data, managed by a variety of people and projects within the Climatic Research Unit (CRU), University of East Anglia.

39. Global Ocean Dimethylsulfide Observations and Climatology, by J. Kettle et al. [NCAR_DS289.2]
Dimethylsulfide (DMS) measurements (15748 samples) made in the surface global oceans during 1972-1998 are given as raw data samples, along with the associated environmental ...

40. Global Ocean Heat Flux and Wind Stress, climatology, OSU/CRI, by Esbensen et al. [NCAR_DS209.0]
Based on 1850-1974 data.

41. Global Ocean Precipitation Frequency and Characteristics, by Petty [NCAR_DS541.2]
Grant Petty used the present-weather code values from COADS shipboard reports (1958-1991) to evaluate the frequencies and characteristics of global oceanic precipitation.

42. Global Ocean Surface Currents, seasonal climatology, by Noo [NCAR_DS280.0]
Derived from pilot charts from Noo, of the US Naval Oceanographic Office. Based on data from 1901-1978.

43. Global Ocean Surface Temperature Atlas (GOSTA), and Land Surface Atlas [NCAR_DS289.1]
GOSTAplus (Atlas 8) and the Blended Land Surface and SST Atlas were taked from the GOSTAplus CDROM received at NCAR February 1998. The period of record for these grids is 1851-1995. ...

44. Global Ocean Wind Stress, climatology, by Hellerman et al. [NCAR_DS232.0]
This is a 12 month wind stress climatology derived from ocean surface wind observations, 1870-1976.

45. Global Oceanographic Data Set Atlas, climatologies, by Samuels and Cox GFDL [NCAR_DS279.0]
Samuel and Cox (GFDL) took 15 commonly used data sets for ocean models and put them on a uniform 1x1 degree grid. Original data sources include Levitus, Hellerman, Esbensen ...

46. Global Sea Ice and SST (GISST) Analyses, from the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research [NCAR_DS277.2]
NOTE: The GISST time series will be discontinued on February 2003. HadISST [], also from the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and ...

47. Global heat budget atlas, climatology and monthly, by Oberhuber [NCAR_DS541.0]
Monthly global grids of data, derived fluxes, and anomalies were prepared from the COADS data.

48. Global temperature and salinity climatology, by Bauer and Robinson. [NCAR_DS278.0]
Historical data archives from NUC and NODC were combined to form monthly and annual grid of subsurface ocean temperature and salinity.

49. Hadley Centre Global Sea Ice and Sea Surface Temperature (HadISST) [NCAR_DS277.3]
This dataset includes HadISST1 and HadSST2 from U.K. Hadley Centre. HadISST1 is a unique combination of monthly globally-complete fields of SST and sea ice concentration on ...

50. Hansen and Lebedeff's Global Surface Temperature Analyses, monthly 1880-1987 [NCAR_DS283.0]
This dataset contains monthly surface temperature analyses for 1880-1987 for eighty equal-area zones over the globe.

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