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1. MHS GDS Level 1B - Metop [acronym.MHSxxx1B.fileid.EO.EUM.DAT.METOP.MHSL1]
The Microwave Humidity Sounder (MHS) is a 5 channel instrument used to provide input to the retrieval of surface temperatures, emissivities, and atmospheric humidity. In combination with AMSU-A information ...

2. ASCAT GDS Level 1 Sigma0 resampled at 25 km Swath Grid - Metop [acronym.ASCSZO1B.satellite.M01-M02.fileid.EO.EUM.DAT.METOP.ASCSZO1B]
The prime objective of the Advanced SCATterometer (ASCAT) is to measure wind speed and direction over the oceans, and the main operational application is the assimilation of ocean winds in NWP models. ...

3. Atmospheric Motion Vectors - MSG - 0 degree [acronym.MSGAMVE.fileid.EO.EUM.DAT.MSG.AMV]
Atmospheric Motion Vectors at all heights below the tropopause, derived from 5 channels (Visual 0.8, Water Vapour 6.2, Water Vapour 7.3, Infrared 10.8 and the High Resolution Visual channel), all ...

4. High-Resolution Soundings Data from the Priority Sounding Stations(PSS) Collected during TOGA COARE [COARE_lsa_pss]
DATA ACCESS The soundings data are available through the WWW (World Wide Web)/CODIAC interface at "". Priority Sounding Station (PSS) log files are available via anonymous ...

5. TOGA COARE Workshop Integrated Dataset [COARE_asf_tcwids]
The TOGA COARE Data Information System is responsible for distributing all information related to TOGA COARE. Link to: "". TOGA COARE was ...

6. The Australian Oceanographic Data Center Hydrocomp Database via World Wide Web [AODC_WWW]
The Australian Oceanographic Data Center (AODC) provides a variety of oceanographic data for the area bounded by the coordinates 80S by 150W and 30N by 20E. Data sets are currently available through ...

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