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1. Excel to Google Earth Tool [e2g]
The Excel to Google Earth (E2G) tool is easy to install and use. All that is required is an Excel spreadsheet that has geographic identifiers (district, ward, province, etc.) included as part of the ...

2. EPA Air Markets Program Data Interactive Map [EPA_Air_Markets_Program_Map]
EPA has created supplementary maps that allow the user to display geo-spatial data on an interactive 3D platform. The maps come in the form of a KMZ file (a compressed KML file) that is downloaded ...

3. ACADIS Measurement Sites Google Earth Map Viewer [ACADIS_showPIs]
The ACADIS Measurement Sites Google Earth Map Viewer providers an entry point for users to view ACADIS PI's, NSIDC minimum sea ice extents, and NSIDC snow cover maps. Sea ice coverage animations can ...

4. Real Time Mission Monitor (RTMM) [NASA_RTMM]
The NASA Real Time Mission Monitor (RTMM) is a situational awareness tool that integrates satellite, airborne and surface data sets; weather information; model and forecast outputs; and vehicle state ...

5. Shape2Earth - Software to Convert Shapefiles to KML [Shape2Earth]
Shape2Earth software allows users to convert shapefiles to KML, quickly and easily. The software leverages freely available and easy to use Geographic Information System (GIS) software to create professional ...

6. On-demand Visualization System [OU_EOMF_Visualization]
The On-demand Visualization System includes the following functionality: 1. Retrieve time series MODIS data for single site 2. Retrieve time series MODIS data for multiple sites 3. MODIS Map ...

7. Convert to Vector Software [ASF_CTV]
Convert to Vector is a small program made to transform point or scene information to various other formats that are compatible with external applications such as Google Earth, GIS software such as ...

8. KML to SHP Tool [UCONN_CLEAR_kml_to_shp]
Google Earth is a 3D image viewer that provides free access to a rich resource of satellite imagery. Features can be digitized from the imagery and saved as a kml file. Kml files must be converted ...

9. Understanding Hurricanes with Google Earth [SSEC_GOOGLE_EARTH]
Satellite images provide a dramatic view of our Earth and its atmosphere. For timely views of winter weather in Wisconsin or wild fires in California, Google Earth users can now access the most recent ...

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