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1. IceBridge BGM-3 Gravimeter L0 Raw Accelerations [IGBGM0]
The NASA IceBridge BGM-3 Gravimeter L0 Raw Accelerations (IGBGM0) data set contains gravity measurements taken over Antarctica using the BGM-3 Gravimeter instrument. The data were collected by scientists ...

2. AFI 07/02_07 Subglacial Lake Ellsworth - GRAVITY data, Antarctica, 2007/08 [GB-NERC-BAS-AEDC-00350]
Gravity data acquired in the region of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth. Instrument Lacoste and Romberg land gravity meter. Drift control primarily contained within the local area. Single, one-way tie to ...

3. Aeromagnetic data centered over Skelton Neve, Antarctica: A Web Site for Distribution of Data and Maps (on-line edition) [Skelton_Aeromag_Data]
The Transantarctic Mountains (TAM) rift-flank uplift has developed along the ancestral margin of the East Antarctic craton, and forms the boundary between the craton and the thinned lithosphere of ...

4. Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Field [GEO_CORNELL_BOUGUER_GRAV]
The grid describes the Bouguer gravity anomaly field in the Middle East and North Africa.

5. Magnetotelluric Data, San Luis Valley, Colorado [USGS_OFR_2007_1405]
The San Luis Valley region population is growing. Water shortfalls could have serious consequences. Future growth and land management in the region depend on accurate assessment and protection of ...

6. Subsurface structure of the East Bay Plain ground-water basin: San Francisco Bay to the Hayward fault, Alameda County, California [USGS_OFR_2006_1084_EBP_AC_CA]
The area of California between the San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, Santa Clara Valley, and the Diablo Ranges (East Bay Hills), commonly referred to as the &East Bay&, contains the East Bay Plain ...

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