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1. Inshore Shallow Water Temperature Time Series, Scotia-Fundy Bay, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada [CANEMRCCRS_COAST_THERMAL]
Temperature data from coastal areas have been collected extensively from Newfoundland region since 1967 and the Scotian Shelf, Bay of Fundy and Gulf of St. Lawrence since 1978. The program, referred ...

2. Interannual differences in feeding success and annual growth anomalies of fish larvae [GLOBEC_028_CAN_005]
A central tenet of fisheries oceanography is that the growth rate of the planktonic larvae determines cumulative predation mortality during the first year of life and ultimately, year class strength. ...

3. Historical sea ice extent for the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Scotian Shelf from 1817 to 1962 [IOT_NRCC_GULF_ICE]
This database at contains ice information and reconstructed ice charts for the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Scotian Shelf on the ...

4. Ship Iceberg Collision Database [IOT_NRCC_SHIP_ICEBERG_COLLISION]
This database at describes collisions that have taken place in the northern hemisphere mainly over the last two hundred years, ...

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