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1. MODIS Swath Reprojection Tool (MRT Swath) [MODIS_Swath_Reprojection_Tool]
The MODIS Swath Reprojection Tool (MRTSwath) provides the capability to transform MODIS Level-1B and Level-2 land products from HDF-EOS swath format to a uniformly gridded image that is geographically ...

2. view_hdf: A Visualization and Analysis Tool for HDF Files [view_hdf]
view_hdf is a visualization and analysis tool for accessing data stored in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) and HDF-EOS files. It is being developed by the CERES Data Management Team at NASA Langley ...

3. The Earth Observing System, Geographic Information Systems (EOSGIS) Data Translator Development Project [eosgis_data_trans-00]
The objective of this project is to develop generalized two-way data format translators (EOSGIS) between HDF-EOS and ARC/INFO format. The EOSGIS translators will be able to translate HDF-EOS ...

4. MODIS Reprojection Tool [MODIS_Reprojection_Tool]
The MODIS Level-3 Land products are generated by the MODIS Adaptive Processing System (MODAPS), located at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, as gridded output in the Sinusoidal (SIN) projection. ...

5. Convert HDF-EOS to BIN [hdfeos2bin]
The IDL program "," written by Terry Haran of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, extracts data arrays from an HDF-EOS file and writes the arrays to separate flat binary data files. ...

6. Cube Visualization (CV) Tool [Cube_Visual_Tool]
The "cv" (Cube Visualization) program has been used for a number of years as part of the ISIS image processing system (Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers). "cv" has recently ...

7. HDFLook-MODIS [HDFLook]
HDFLook is a multifunctional GES DAAC data processing and visualization tool for MODIS (L1B, all Land, Atmospheric and Ocean products), AIRS (L1B), and CERES (SSF) data. HDFLook is developed for XWindows ...

8. HDF-EOS5 Metadata Updater [he5mu]
HDF-EOS5 Metadata Updater (HE5MU) is a tool for data producers or users to update metadata inside an HDF-EOS5 file. It is a command-line utility. he5mu can be used to: - Extract metadata from a dataset ...

9. ODL to XML Command Line Converter [odl2xml_cmd]
The odl2xml_cmd is a command line java-based utility that converts an HDF-EOS metadata file in ODL to an HDF-EOS XML file. The source code for both the converter and the java implementation of the ...

10. Algorithm Development and Mining System (ADaM) [01-ghrc_ADaM-00]
The Algorithm Development and Mining System (ADaM) developed by the Information Technology and Systems Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is used to apply data mining technologies to ...

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