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1. Habitat Suitability Modeling [NOAA_HSM]
Habitat suitability modeling (HSM) is a tool for predicting the suitability of habitat for a given species based on known affinities with environmental parameters. This technique was chosen for this ...

2. Wildlife Habitat Benefits Estimation Toolkit [WHPRP]
The Wildlife Habitat Benefits Estimation Toolkit, developed in collaboration between economists at Defenders of Wildlife and Colorado State University under a grant from National Council for Science ...

3. Echo the Bat; An Interactive Educational Resource in Remote Sensing [01-Echo_The_Bat-99]
(Summary adapted from the Echo-the-bat web site) The ADVENTURE OF ECHO THE BAT is an interactive adventure which brings together content relating to Biodiversity, Ecology, Remote Sensing, and the ...

4. Habitat Digitizer Extension [NOAA_HDE]
The Habitat Digitizer Extension is a GIS tool that was developed to delineate features by visually interpreting georeferenced images, and also to select attributes using a dialog containing a custom ...

5. Quick-Silver: A Program for Economic Analysis of Long-term, On-the-ground Resource Management Projects [USDA_FS_QSILVER]
Quick-Silver is a program for economic analysis of long-term, on-the-ground resource management projects. It provides a consistent benefit/cost framework to determine if one management action costs ...

6. NEWILD - Software for Species/Habitat Evaluation [USDA_FS_NED_NEWILD]
NEWILD is a computer program that assists in the access and evaluation of the information presented in the Species/Habitat matrices developed by DeGraaf et. al. NEWILD can be used to determine which ...

7. The International Year of the Ocean Informational Web Site [01-yr_ocean-99]
In recognition of the importance of the marine environment, the United Nations has declared 1998 the International Year of the Ocean (YOTO). This designation provides individual organizations and ...

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