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1. Arctic Ocean Chuckchi Sea August 1953-1954 Zooplankton vertical stratified collections on board of the Russian R/V Lomonosov, program ANII A-65 [UAF_ArcticRussianplankton]
Zooplankton collections were made to investigate assess interannual changes in species composition, abundance and distribution of the zooplankton in the Chuckchi Sea, one of the biologically lesser ...

2. Cnidaria Antarctic checklist [scarmarbin_538]
Cnidaria checklist provided by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

3. Hydrozoa taxonomic list for SCAR-MarBIN [scarmarbin_809]   PARENT METADATA
Hydrozoa taxonomic list for SCAR-MarBIN provided by Pe��a Cantero ��lvaro Luis.

4. Siphonophora between Cabo Frio and Cabo de Santa Marta Grande, Brazil (OBIS South America, BRAZIL) [Siphonophora_WSAOBIS]
This data set includes the results of 71 plankton samples off the southern and southwestern coast of Brazil from 3 oceanographic cruises – FINEP I, III and IV (respectively Nov/Dec 1975, May 1976 ...

5. Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection Marine Invertebrates [TCWC_Cnidaria]
The Collection of Marine Invertebrates at the Texas Cooperative Wildlife Collection consists of over 47,000 dry and fluid-preserved marine invertebrates primarily from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean ...

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