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1. Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) Dielectric Profiling (DEP) Data, NOAA/NCDC, WDC Paleoclimatology [NGDC_WDCA_GRIP_DEP]
This data set contains dielectric profiling (DEP) data from the Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) ice core drilled at Summit, Greenland between 1990 and 1992. The data consists of depth (m) and sigma ...

2. Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) Methane Data, NOAA/NCDC, WDC Paleoclimatology [NGDC_WDCA_PALEO_GRIP_CH4]
This data set consists of atmospheric methane (CH4) concentrations from the 3,230 m ice core taken by the Greenland Ice-core Project (GRIP) covering the period between 40,000 and 8,000 yBP. Methane ...

3. Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) Oxygen Isotope Data, NOAA/NGDC, WDC-A Paleoclimatology [NGDC_WDCA_PALEO_GRIP_O18]
This data set consists of detailed oxygen isotope (del 18O) measurements from the 3029 m Summit Core in Greenland collected by the Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) members. The isotope measurements ...

4. NICL Ice Cores Inventory (including GISP2) for Paleoclimate Data [EARTH_LAND_NGDC_PALEO_NICL_GISP]
The NICL Inventory describes the ice core holdings of the National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL), a facility for storing, curating, and studying ice cores recovered from the world's polar ...

5. Quelccaya Summit (Peru) Ice Core from WDC for Paleoclimatology [EARTH_LAND_NGDC_PALEOCL_QUELCCA]
This data set is derived from the Quelccaya Summit Ice Core by Drs. Lonnie Thompson and Ellen Mosley-Thompson of The Ohio State University. The record was updated in May 1992 to extend the data period ...

6. Radar Studies of Internal Stratigraphy and Bed Topography along the US ITASE-II Traverse [NSIDC-0475]
This data set contains ice penetrating radar data from the US-International Trans-Antarctic Science Expedition (ITASE) Traverse, from Taylor Dome to South Pole recorded by the St. Olaf College deep ...

7. Vostok Antarctic Ice Core Data for 420,000 years, from WDC Paleoclimatology [EARTH_LAND_NGDC_PALEO_VOSTOK1]
The Vostok Ice Core Data is one of the primary Antarctic Paleoclimate Datasets. It covers the time from the present back to 422,000 years before the present. It is available from the World ...

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