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1. Annual Layers at Siple Dome, Antarctica, from Borehole Optical Stratigraphy [NSIDC-0515]
Researchers gathered data on annual snow layers at Siple Dome, Antarctica, using borehole optical stratigraphy. This data set contains annual layer depths and firn optical brightness. The brightness ...

2. Radar Studies of Internal Stratigraphy and Bed Topography along the US ITASE-II Traverse [NSIDC-0475]
This data set contains ice penetrating radar data from the US-International Trans-Antarctic Science Expedition (ITASE) Traverse, from Taylor Dome to South Pole recorded by the St. Olaf College deep ...

3. Roosevelt Island Ice Core Density and Beta Count Data [NSIDC-0139]
This data set measures the radioactive decay of nuclear material from Northern and Southern hemisphere nuclear testing. Firn cores were taken from three locations on Roosevelt Island, an ice dome ...

4. Compilation of Antarctic Radar Data, Siple Coast, 2000-2002 [NSIDC-0274]
These data consist of ground-based, ice-penetrating radar profiles across satellite-detected lineations and terrains that were taken in the lower reaches of Ross Ice Stream C, also known as the Kamb ...

5. GLERL Great Lakes Ice Thickness Data Base, 1966-1979 [G00803]
During the winters of 1965/66 through 1976/77, NOAA/Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) collected weekly ice thickness and stratigraphy data at up to 90 stations per year on the ...

6. Ground-based deep radar studies along the US International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE) traverse [01-02_US-ITASE_Deep_Radar]
Ground-based ice-penetrating radar data acquired during the 2001-2001 US ITASE traverse from Byrd Surface Camp to near the head of Pine Island Glacier. Aproximately 1800 Km ...

7. Polar Ice Sounding and Geomagnetics [G00790]
Data addresses ice thickness and related geomagnetics generated during remote sensing flights over Antarctica and Greenland. Analog records are oscilloscope traces and snapshots of Z-mode radar echo ...

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