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1. Australian Geochronology Data Base; BMR, Australia [EARTH_INT_AUS_BMR_GEOCHRON1]
The National Database of Australian Geochronology includes Main tables on SAMPLES, K_AR, AR40_39, RB_SR, SM_ND, ZIRCON, SHRIMP, REFERENCES and STOREBOXES. The table SAMPLES includes attributes for ...

2. Australian National Gravity Database [EARTH_INT_AUS_BMR_GRAVITY_DB1]
The Australian National Gravity Database contains point located observed gravity and height values over Australia and its continental shelf. Here, observed gravity is the acceleration due to gravity ...

3. BMR-ASC World Earthquake Database; BMR, Australia [EARTH_INT_AUS_BMR_EARTHQUAKE_DB]
BMR-ASC World Earthquake Database is maintained by the Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources (BMR). It lists the Hypocentres of world earthquakes from 1904-1989 and Australian earthquakes from 1873-1991 ...

4. Digital Airborne Magnetic and Gamma Ray Geophysical Data; BMR, Australia [EARTH_INT_AUS_BMR_AIR_MAG_GAMMA]
The Australian Digital Airborne Geophysical Data set consists of reconnaissance measurements of magnetic field anomalies and land surface emission of gamma rays in the range 0.3-3.0 MeV. Stacked total ...

5. Mineral Occurrence Location Data Base; BMR, Australia [EARTH_CRUST_AUS_BMR_Min_Loc_DB]
The Australian Mineral Occurrence Location Database provides information on mineral occurrence and deposit locations in Australia. Currently, data covers 52% of Australia by area. ...

6. ORGCHEM Petroleum Source Rock Database; BMR, Australia [EARTH_CRUST_AUS_BMR_Petrol_DB1]
ORGCHEM is a relational database that contains organic geochemical data used for petroleum source rock assessment. The majority of data is from petroleum exploration wells drilled offshore and onshore ...

7. Quaternary Climate Database of the Australian Region; BMR, Australia [EARTH_LAND_AUS_BMR_QUATERN_CLIM]
The Quaternary Climate Database provides data on Quaternary Climates of the Australian Region. Climate indicators are collected from literature centered on the Australian and some Antarctic regions. ...

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