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1. AVHRR Sea Surface Temperature for Southwestern Atlantic [COROAS-AVHRR]
Data consisting of AVHRR five channels from satellites NOAA-11 and NOAA-12 and Sea Surface Temperature derived from brightness temperature files through NOAA algorithms. Exchange of data after January ...

2. GRID-INPE; UNEP Global Resource Information Database - INPE Cooperating Center [GRID-INPE]
This is a collection of data-sets held by GRID-INPE. Please contact the technical contact for further details and data-set breakdown. GRID-INPE ...

3. LANDSAT User Service of the Brazilian National Institute on Space Research (INPE) [LSATUSERV]
The Brazilian receiving station for Landsat data is located in Cuiaba, state of Mato Grosso, Midwest region: 56 degrees 5 minutes 30 seconds West longitude, and 15 degrees ...

4. Lidar Data from Brazil [LIDA]
The FISAT home page on the WWW is . This set contains data obtained at the location of Sao Jose dos Campos (23 degrees S, 45 degrees W), only. ...

5. WOCE Standard Drifting Buoy Data for the Southwestern Atlantic [COROAS-LCDS]
Data set consists of drifter ID number, date and time of observation, drifter position (latitude, longitude) and sea surface temperature in degrees Centigrade. Exchange of data after January 1996; ...

6. Weekly Fire Data for Brazil in AVHRR Images [FIREBR]
Active fires are detected on a daily basis on AVHRR channel 3 (3.7um) images in the period of June/01- Nov/30. Weekly composites containing fire counts for grid cells of 0.5 degrees are ...

7. X-Ray Imaging Telescope: Balloon Data from INPE, in Brazil [TIMAX]
This set contains 20 minutes of data obtained by 35 NaI detectors (TOTAL AREA of approx. 280 sq. cm) flown on the imaging telescope TIMAX. It is stored in 64 kbyte binary files. Each file has all ...

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