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1. Earth Radiation Budget Master Archival Tape (MAT) from NIMBUS-7 ERB [RB2_EN7-3]
Earth Radiation Budget (ERB) instrument consists of three separate elements with a total of 22 sensors: a ten channel solar telescope, 4 fixed wide field of view (WFOV) sensors that view the entire ...

2. National Oceanographic Data Center's Global Ocean Temperature- Depth and Salinity Profiles (NODC-02 & NODC-03) on CD-ROM [NODC-HYDRO-2_3]
This data set, offered by the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC), consists of global temperature and salinity profiles taken between 1900 and 1990. Volume 1 contains profiles from the Atlantic, ...

3. Global Radiance and Cloud Data from the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP-B and ISCCP-C) [ISCCPB_1262_501122_2101122_4082]
This data set contains visible and infrared radiance data from imaging radiometers (AVHRR, MIR, and VISSR) onboard several satellites (NOAA, GOES, GMS, METEOSAT), collected as part of the International ...

4. Levitus 1982 Annual Climatology [LEVITUS_1982]
This data set contains climatological monthly, seasonal, and annually averaged data obtained during 1900 through 1978. Objectively analyzed fields are on a global 1 x 1 degree grid. This data set ...

5. Gridded, Averaged Earth Radiation Parameters from the NIMBUS-7 Earth Radiation Budget (ERB-MATRIX) [RB2_EN67-2]
The Earth Radiation Budget (ERB) instrument aboard the Nimbus-7 is to provide measurements of the radiation entering and exiting the earth-atmosphere system for climate study. The MATRIX data contains ...

6. Cloud Amount Statistics (CMATRIX) from the NIMBUS-7 Temperature Humidity Infrared Radiometer (THIR) [CMATRIX]
The CMATRIX cloud data contain daytime and nighttime cloud amounts in percent cloud cover, cloud amount in low, middle, and high altitude categories, cirrus and deep convective cloud amount, and radiances ...

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