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1. Climate Weather Data for Archangelo, Russia (1813-1917) [NCL00006]
The climatological data reside in 1 book,'Climaaaticheskii ocherk g. Arkhangelska po nablivdeniiam 1813-1917 gg.' (C/db r893), and is written in Russian with English notes. The data contained in this ...

2. Daily Average Weather Data for Beira, Mozambique for 1921-1924 and Monthly Weather Data for Luanda, Angola for 1902-1910 and 1933-1936 [NCL00003_5]
The Luanda, Angola data reside in 2 books; 1) 'Resumo Das Observacoes Feitas Durante o Anno De 1902-1910' (C/fe AO A-ob); and 2) 'Velocidade oe direccao de vento dedozidas das sondagens aerologicas' ...

3. Daily Weather Maps for Europe and North Africa and Daily, Monthly, and Annual Climate Data for Algeria, Tunisia, Nile Basin and the Mediterranean [NCL00001_2_4_25_26]
The Europe, North Africa, Algeria, and Tunisia data reside in 73 books titled 'Bulletin Meteorologique De L'Algerie Meteorologie De L'O.N.A.M.' (Oversize Foreign Meteorology Data) and is written in ...

4. Daily and Monthly Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure, Cloud and Snow Cover Data for Eastern Europe and Western Russia (1885-1925) [NCL00036_40_42]
The air temperature, soil temperature, and precipitation data for Finland and western Russia reside in 1 book, 'Uber Die bodentemperatur In Mustiala' (C/dba H765), and is written in German. The data ...

5. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Climate Data for the Ukraine Including Crimea, Kharkov, and Raievka (1855-1926) [NCL00054_61_67_68_69_73]
The Crimea data reside in 1 book, 'Climate and Zoology of the Crimea' (C/db C322), and is written in English. The data contained in this book are tables of mean, maximum, and minimum surface temperature ...

6. Hourly Observations and Daily Means of Weather Data for Tiflis Observatory in Russia (1891-1927) [NCL00065]
The Tiflis Observatory data resides in 24 books, 'Beobachtungen Des Tifliser Physikalischen Observatoriums' (C/db AO-Tm). These books contain tables of hourly observations and daily, monthly and annual ...

7. Meteorological and Magnetic Observations at Ekaterinburg, Russia (1912-1913) [NCL00055]
The Ekaterinburg data reside in 2 books, 'Observations de l'Observatoire meteorologique et magnetique a Ekaterinburg' (C/db AO-E). The data contained in these two volumes are tables of daily observations ...

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