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1. Coordinated Eastern Arctic Experiment (CEAREX) Data [NSIDC-0020]
CEAREX was a multi-platform field program conducted in the Norwegian Seas and Greenland north to Svalbard from September 1988 through May 1989. Canada, Denmark, France, Norway and the United States ...

2. Oxygen and Deuterium Isotope Measurements from Siberia, 2002-2004 [ARCSS157]
Investigators performed a stable isotope analysis of rain, snow, the Kolyma River, and a local stream near Cherskii, Siberia from 30 June 2002 through 27 April 2004. As part of the Russian-American ...

3. J-CAD Drifting Buoy Data, Arctic Ocean, 2000-2002 [ARCSS126]
This data set contains drifting buoy measurements taken from the Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC) Compact Arctic Drifters (J-CADs). The J-CAD buoys drift with the ice pack, collecting ...

4. Drifting buoy observations from the Weddell Sea, 12/2004- [FIMR_ISPOL_BUOYS]
3 drifting buoys were deployed on ice floes on the Weddell Sea (68 degrees S, 55 degrees W) in November-December 2004, as a part of the international expedition Ice Station Polarstern (ISPOL, ...

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