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1. IceBridge MCoRDS L3 Gridded Ice Thickness, Surface, and Bottom [IRMCR3]
This data set contains products from depth sounder measurements over Greenland and Antarctica taken from the Multichannel Coherent Radar Depth Sounder (MCoRDS). The data were collected as part of ...

2. Ice Motion and Topography Near Margin Areas of Kamb Ice Stream, Antarctica [NSIDC-0141]
This data set includes ice motion and topography measurements that were taken by measuring movement and altitude of poles set in the West Antarctic Ice Shelf. The data was acquired by Global Positioning ...

3. Roosevelt Island Bedrock and Surface Elevations [NSIDC-0140]
This data set consists of bedrock and surface elevation readings taken by ground penetrating radar and Global Positioning System (GPS) on Roosevelt Island, an ice dome within the Ross Ice Shelf. Locations ...

4. Surface Elevation and Ice Thickness, Western Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica [NSIDC-0119]
This data set provides surface elevation and ice thickness data for a portion of the Marie Byrd Land sector of West Antarctica, including the Ford Ranges, the Sulzberger Ice Shelf, much of the Edward ...

5. Continuous GPS (static) Data from the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica [NSIDC-0347]
In October 2005, three geodetic GPS receivers were deployed on the Ross Ice Shelf near the ice front to observe short-term fluctuations in ice-shelf velocity associated with tidal forcing and other ...

6. Ice Thickness and Surface Elevation, Southeastern Ross Embayment, West Antarctica [NSIDC-0099]
Ice surface elevation and ice thickness data are available for a portion of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Ice surface elevations and ice thickness data are derived from laser altimetry and radar sounding ...

7. Ice Altimetry Data for Greenland and Antarctica from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center [NASA_GSFC_OIB_ICE_ALTIMETRY]
The Oceans and Ice Branch of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center has processed satellite radar altimetry and aircraft laser altimetry over the continental ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica ...

8. Surface Velocities of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica [NSIDC-0324]
This data set contains surface velocities of Taylor Glacier, Antarctica, for the year 2003. Measurement period was approximately 12 months. There are approximately 250 locations in this data set.

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