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1. Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) Online Geospatial Database [SAMAB_SAA]
The Southern Appalachian Assessment (SAA) was a cooperative multi-agency effort to assess the environmental condition of the Southern Appalachian region. The SAA was described as the ecological equivalent ...

2. Caring for the Earth: A Strategy for Sustainable Living [IUCN_CARING]
"Caring for the Earth" provides governments, nongovernmental organizations, businesses, and individuals with information and guidance needed to develop ...

3. Environment and Water Quality Data Associated with Industrial Projects on Land and Offshore for the Northwest Territories - Canada [CANEMRCCRSNWTENVIRO]
This dataset includes site location and pollutant concentration. The pollutants identified are: heavy metals, major elements, microbiological characteristics, industrial pollutants, oils/hydrocarbons, ...

4. CensusCD: 1990 Census Data on a Single CD-ROM, GeoLytics Corporation [CensusCD1990]
The following information was abstracted from the CensusCD Webpage (""): CensusCD contains the entire US Census, over 1.3 billion demographics, with an easy to use yet powerful ...

5. Industry Value Added - Percent of GDP [geodata_0335]
Industry corresponds to ISIC divisions 10-45 and includes manufacturing (ISIC divisions 15-37). It comprises value added in mining, manufacturing (also reported as a separate subgroup), construction, ...

6. Trends in emissions of acidifying pollutants in Europe [EEA_ACID]
The Trends in emissions of acidifying pollutants (CLRTAP/EMEP) datasets provide data on anthropogenic emissions of acidifying pollutants (NH3, NOX, SO2) sent by countries to CLRTAP/EMEP with copies ...

7. Trends in emissions of ozone precursors (CLRTAP/EMEP) [EEA_CLRTAP_EMEP]
Data on anthropogenic emissions of ozone precursors (CO and NMVOC) sent by countries to CLRTAP/EMEP with copies to EEA and ETC/ACC. Data compiled and held by ETC/ACC are annual national total emissions ...

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