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1. Temperature of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet [NSIDC-0537]
This data set contains temperature-depth profile measurements taken in 22 boreholes drilled on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which exhibit two distinctly different thermal states of basal ice: a warm ...

2. Videos of Basal Ice in Boreholes on the Kamb Ice Stream in West Antarctica [NSIDC-0528]
This data set is a collection of video data of basal ice taken in a borehole on the Kamb Ice Stream in West Antarctica. Ice streams are an expression of the inherent instability of the West Antarctic ...

3. Collaborative Research: Grounding Line Forensics: The History of Grounding Line Retreat in the Kamb Ice Stream Outlet Region [hulbe_0538015]
This a project to identify and map ice surface and internal features that chronicle the sequence of events leading to the shut-down of Kamb ice stream. In particular, the project will study past grounding ...

4. Collaborative Research: Mass Transit: Controls on Grounding and Ungrounding at Marine Ice Sheet Outlets [hulbe_0838810]
This award supported a modeling study of the processes in West Antarctic grounding zones, the transition from ice resting on bedrock to ice floating on the ocean surface with an eye toward understanding ...

5. Collaborative Research: Using Fracture Patterns and Ice Thickness to Study the History and Dynamics of Grounding Line Migration and Shutdown of Kamb and Whillans Ice Streams [fahnestock_0440636]
The work is in collaboration with co-PI Christina Hulbe and at Portland State University. In our previous work we were able to image, map, and interpret streak lines (flow trajectories) on the Ross ...

6. Glaciological Investigations of the Bulge-Trunk Transition on Kamb Ice Stream, West Antarctica [tulaczyk_0338295]
This award supports a project to test whether Kamb Ice Stream (formerly Ice Stream C (ISC)), an ice stream that is thought to have stopped ~150 years ago, may be already in the process of restarting. ...

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