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1. Inter-disciplinary Forest Ecosystem Research (InFER), Newfoundland, Canada [Canada_CFS_InFER-Nfld]
The Inter-disciplinary Forest Ecosystem Research (InFER) project was established in 1993 to determine the effects of harvesting and silvicultural practices on boreal forest ecosystems. The inter-disciplinary ...

2. Analysis Products on Water Quality [NRCS_NRI_SotL_WATER_QUALITY]
All of the maps, figures and tables for NRI's water quality are taken from publications. Many of the publications discuss the use of fertilizer, pesticide, or manure. Several of the maps are taken ...

3. Aquifer Sensitivity to Contamination by Nitrate Leaching in Illinois [IGDNR_NO3AQSENS]   CHILD METADATA
This data set was designed for statewide evaluation of agrichemical leaching characteristics and associated aquifer sensitivity to contamination. It was created to classify soils ...

4. Growth and Chemical Responses to CO2 Enrichment - Virginia Pine (Pinus Virginiana Mill.), CDIAC NDP-009 [CDIAC_NDP9]
Growth and chemical responses of Virginia pine grown in open-top growth chambers at elevated CO2 concentrations (+0, +75, +150, +300, +600 ppmv) were evaluated over a four-month period. The seedlings ...

5. State Soil Geographic (STATSGO) Database [MSU0035]
The "State Soil Geographic (STATSGO) Database" is one of three soil geographic databases established by the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation ...

6. Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure data for metal contaminated soil treated with silica treatments or an orthophosphate-silica mix treatment. [AAS_4029_Toxicity_Leaching]
TCLP data was collected in 2013 as part of a pilot scale batch study which assessed the potential of silica treatments and an orthophosphate-silica mix treatment for the remediation of metal contaminated ...

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