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1. SIMPPLLE: Simulating Patterns and Processes at Landscape Scales [USDA_FS_SIMPPLLE]
SIMPPLLE is an acronym for SIMulating Patterns and Processes at Landscape scaLEs. SIMPPLLE was initially developed for USDA Forest Service, Region One as a management tool to integrate disturbance ...

2. Accessibility Analyst: A Simple and Flexible GIS Tool for Deriving Accessibility Models [CIAT_ACCESS]
The Accessibility Analyst tool has been programmed at CIAT in order to automate the process of creating accessibility surfaces. In the past these surfaces had to be laboriously created step by step ...

3. Land Use Evolution and Impact Assessment Model [UIUC_LEAM]
The Land Use Evolution and Impact Assessment Model (LEAM) is a computer-based tool that simulates land-use changes across space and time. LEAM urban land-use transformation modeling begins with drivers, ...

4. LViz - LiDAR and other point cloud visualization tool [LViz]
The LViz - LiDAR / ALSM 3D Visualization tool was developed by Jeffrey Conner in the Active Tectonics Research Group at Arizona State University. Designed for 3D visualization of LiDAR / ALSM point ...

5. A Fortran Program for Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-Based Regional Slope-Stability Analysis [USGS_TRIGRS]
TRIGRS (Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-based Regional Slope-Stability Model) is a Fortran program for computing transient pore-pressure changes, and attendant changes in the factor of safety, ...

6. Analytical Tools Interface for Landscape Assessments (ATtILA) [EPA_ATtILA]
The Analytical Tools Interface for Landscape Assessments (ATtILA) is an easy to use ArcView extension that calculates many commonly used landscape metrics. By providing an intuitive interface, the ...

7. Conservation Assessment and Prioritization System (CAPS) [UMASS_CAPS]
Conservation Assessment and Prioritization System (CAPS) is a computer software program designed to assess the ecological integrity and biodiversity value of every location based on natural community-specific ...

8. USGS GIS Tools for Conservation Planning [USGS_GIS_CONSERVATION]
The USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center has developed three environmentally related GIS extension tools that were developed for Environmental Systems Research Institute's ArcView 3.x ...

9. FRAGSTATS: Spatial Pattern Analysis Program for Categorical Maps [LANDECO_FRAGSTATS]
FRAGSTATS is a spatial pattern analysis program for categorical maps. The landscape subject to analysis is user-defined and can represent any spatial phenomenon. FRAGSTATS simply quantifies the areal ...

Showing 1 through 9 of 9
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