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1. Arctic benthic invertebrate collection of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Science [ArcOD_2006B3]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset describes the Arctic component of the marine invertebrate collection of the Zoological Institute RAN (in Russian; in English: ZIN RAS Russian Academy of Sciences), one of the largest ...

2. Distribution and structure of macrobenthic fauna in the eastern Laptev Sea in relation to environmental factors [ArcOD_2006B8]   PARENT METADATA
The Laptev Sea still ranks among the less known regions of the world���s ocean. Here, we describe the distribution and composition of macrobenthic communities of the eastern shelf and identify key ...

3. Arctic Marine Fish Museum Specimens [ArcOD_2007F1]   PARENT METADATA
Mecklenburg, C. W., T. A. Mecklenburg, B. A. Sheiko, and N. V. Chernova. 4 July 2006. Arctic marine fish museum specimens. Database submitted to ArcOD, Institute of Marine Science, University of Alaska ...

4. R-ArcticNET: A Regional, Electronic Hydrometeorological Data Network for the pan-Arctic Region, from University New Hampshire [RARCTICNET]
R-ArcticNET is a WWW-based, regional hydrometeorological data bank to support pan-Arctic hydological sciences and water resource assessment in the Arctic regions. Currently ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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