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1. Box Hill Ice Compression Tests [box_hill_ice_compression]
A series of ice compression tests were carried out by Jo Jacka in 1977, and again by J.S.Birch in 1979-82, all aimed at determining how ice reacted under different circumstances. For each series of ...

2. ICOADS Auxiliary and Future Datasets [NCAR_DS530.0]
The Auxiliary datasets are datasets in IMMA format that will be included in ICOADS as soon as possible. These auxiliary data are available through the ICOADS subsetting interface ...

3. Snow Density, Hardness and Temperature, Amery Ice Shelf 1964 [ais_snow_1964]
The Australian Antarctic Division carried out a traverse to the Amery Ice Shelf in the summer of 1964. Numerous snow pits were dug along the traverse, and studies carried out to examine the snow in ...

4. Weather Observations During Traverse From Davis Base Along SG Line, 1970 [davis_sgline_weather_obs_1970]
The Australian Antarctic Division carried out a traverse from Davis station in the spring of 1970, following the "SG" line of stakes. A daily log of weather observations was kept during the traverse, ...

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