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1. MOPITT Search and Subsetting Web Application [LARC_MOPITT_Search_Subsetting]
The MOPITT Search and Subsetting web application enables a more sophisticated approach to selecting and ordering MOPITT global survey standard data by date, time and geolocation. This web app is ...

2. HDF-EOS Dataset-Independent Web-based Subsetter [01-ghrc_hew-00]
The Dataset-Independent Subsetter (HEW) can subset properly-formatted HDF-EOS data files on latitude/longitude bounding boxes as well as on date/time spans. HEW can also extract the channel information ...

3. HSE: HDF-EOS Subsetting Engine [HSE_Subsetting]
HSE: HDF-EOS Subsetting Engine The core functionality of the HDF-EOS Web-Based Subsetter (HEW) has been extracted into a stand-alone callable function known as the HDF-EOS Subsetting ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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