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1. List of non-lichenized fungi from the Antarctic region [GB-NERC-BAS-AEDC-00235]
This list provides a check-list of the non-lichenized fungi reported from Antarctica that have been published in the literature or deposited in major culture collections. The list includes all macrofungi, ...

2. Pacific Forestry Centre Forest Pathology Herbarium Collections Database, British Columbia, Canada [Canada_CFS_PathologyHerbarium]
This database currently holds over 21,000 records for the 35,300 specimens housed at Pacific Forestry Centre's Forest Pathology Herbarium (abbreviated as DAVFP), and may be ...

3. British Columbia Host/Fungus Index Database, Canada [Canada_CFS_HostFungusIndex]
The British Columbia Host/Fungus Index Database was compiled from 60 years of Canadian Forest Service records, augmented from published literature records and additional data provided ...

4. National Forest Health Database - Archive of Insects and Diseases Found in Canadian Forests [Canada_CFS_ArchiveInsectDiseas]
Since 1936, the Canadian Forest Service has been collecting data on insects, diseases and abiotic conditions (e.g. storm damage) that are a potential threat to the health of Canada's forests. Some ...

5. National Forest Health Database - Insect and Disease Data for Canadian Forest Health Network [Canada_CFS_InsDisData]
Since 1984, Canadian Forest Service has been collecting data to help monitor the health of Canada's forests. Data is collected from a large number of strategically located plots all across Canada. ...

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