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1. Anticipated Residues in Food [EPA0153]
The "Anticipated Residues in Food (OPPE Pesticide Food Residue)" database contains pesticide residue data on raw and processed food. Data are provided on a voluntary basis by government agencies and ...

2. Former Soviet Union Inter-Republic Trade [USDA0316]
The "Former Soviet Union Inter-Republic Trade" dataset contains 71 files that are divided into 11 subdirectories describing various aspects of inter-republic trade between nations of the Former Soviet ...

3. Meat Animals - Production, Disposition, and Income Final Estimates from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service [USDA0266]
This bulletin presents final estimates of meat animal production, disposition, and income. It includes estimates of production, marketing, death losses, and income for cattle, hogs, and sheep. ...

4. Processed Food Trade Data [USDA0330]
The "Processed Food Trade Data" dataset records trade data in processed food between the United States and each of its trading partners from 1988 through 1994. Values of exports and imports are tabulated ...

5. World Per Capita Consumption of Red Meat and Poultry, 1975-91 [USDA0052]
World Per Capita Consumption of Red Meat and Poultry contains consumption, population, and per capita consumption data for beef and veal; pork; lamb, mutton, and goat; and total poultry meat. Collection ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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