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1. Africa Meteorological Stations (Rainfall, Evaporation and Temperature Data) [NBId0054_101]
New-ID: NBI54 This data set contains rainfall, evaporation and temperature data from African meteorological stations. New-ID: NBI54 The Africa Meteorological Stations Dataset documentation Files: ...

2. Legates and Willmott Air Temperature and Precipitation Project datasets, Africa [NBId0037_101]
Africa monthly Corrected Precipitation, Standard Error Precipitation, Air Temperature and Measured Precipitation datasets are part of Legates and Willmott average monthly air temperature and precipitation ...

3. Socotra Island (Yemen) Case Study [NBId0184_101]
The UNEP/GRID Socotra Case study was started in February 1987 and was developed by GRID, Nairobi on behalf of International Board for Plant Genetic Resources (IBPGR). The objective of the study was ...

4. UNEP-GRID Uganda Database - Climatology, Geomorphology, Animals, Boundaries, Land Cover, Population, Land Use [NBId0027_101]
The UNEP/GRID Ugandan database has been developed with ARC/INFO software at GRID- Nairobi from January to July 1987. Datasets (using the Uganda Environmental Resource Datasets) were digitized partly ...

5. Digital Soil Moisture Regimes map of Cambodia from the Atlas of Physical, Economic and Social Resources of the lower Mekong Basin [BANd0112_113]
Digital Soil Moisture Regimes map of Cambodia from the Atlas of physical, economic and social resources of the lower Mekong Basin at 1:2 million scale.

6. Easy Available Water [geodata_1399]
This is an indicator for the amount of stored soil moisture readily available to crops.The water retention at 2 bar suction is used to separate easily available water (EAV) from water which is more ...

7. Length of Available Growing Period [geodata_1395]
The concept of the length of the available growing period (LGP) combines temperature and moisture considerations to determine the length of time crops are able to grow, hence excluding periods which ...

8. New Hampshire Coastal 2000 - 2002 Gulf of Maine Assessment [gomc_202]   PARENT METADATA
The US EPA National Coastal Assessment (also known as Coastal 2000 or C2000) is a five-year effort led by the EPA Office of Research and Development to evaluate the assessment methods it has developed ...

9. Rawinsonde data (atmospheric soundings) from the Weddell Sea, Denmark Strait and Baltic Sea (1989-) [FIMR_RAWINSONDE_WEDDELL_SINCE_1989]
Rawinsonde soundings have been made during several expeditions for atmospheric boundary layer structure studies. Vaisala RS80-15N and RS80-15G radiosondes and DigiCORA Rawinsonde Set MW11.

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