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1. Central Mojave Plots Map [usgs_fresc_cpfs_mojaveplotsmap]
The Central Mojave Plots Map (plots.e00) is a digital map database (point coverage) that shows the location and vegetation type for all field reference data used in developing the Central Mojave Vegetation ...

2. Central Mojave Special Features Map [usgs_fresc_cpfs_mojavemap]
The Central Mojave Special Features map shows point locations for known or potential places where vegetation alliances or unique stands with less than 5 hectares (ha) of spatial extent occur. Many ...

3. Central Mojave Vegetation Map [usgs_fresc_cpfs_centrmojavegmap]
The Central Mojave Vegetation Map (mojveg.e00) displays vegetation and other land cover types in the eastern Mojave of California. Map labels represent alliances and groups of alliances as described ...

4. Geologic Map Database of the El Mirage Lake Area, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties, California [USGS_OFR_00222]
This geologic map database for the El Mirage Lake area describes geologic materials for the dry lake, parts of the adjacent Shadow Mountains and Adobe Mountain, and much of the piedmont extending ...

5. Vulnerability and Recoverability of the Mojave Desert Ecosystem [USGS_MOJAVEECO]
The Vulnerability and Recoverability of the Mojave Desert Ecosystem is part of the USGS Place-Based Studies Program, to improve scientific understanding of desert ecosystem processes and apply that ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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