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1. IVARS: Interannual Variations in the Ross Sea [IVARS]
The Ross Sea, a marginal Antarctic sea south of New Zealand, has been studied since the days of the Scott/Amundsen expeditions. It is the site of extensive penguin, bird and mammal colonies, ...

2. Nutrient Concentrations in Upper and Lower Echo, Fallen Leaf, Spooner, and Marlette Lakes and Associated Outlet Streams, California and Nevada, 2002-03 [USGS_OFR_2004_1333]
Five lakes and their outlet streams in the Lake Tahoe Basin were sampled for nutrients during 2002-03. The lakes and streams sampled included Upper Echo, Lower Echo, Fallen Leaf, Spooner, and Marlette ...

3. SPARROW Model Results: Nutrient Loads and Sources for New England Watersheds [USGS_SPARROW_RES]
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), developed the New ...

4. NPP Boreal Forest: Flakaliden, Sweden, 1986-1996, R1 [NPP_FLK]
This data set contains three files (.txt format) for an established 8.25 ha boreal forest dominated by Norway spruce, Picea abies, at Flakaliden (64.12 N 19.45 E) in northern Sweden. Two data files ...

5. NPP Boreal Forest: Jadraas, Sweden, 1973-1990, R1 [NPP_JDR]
This data set contains three files (.txt format). Two of the files contain stand characteristics, above- and below-ground biomass, and above- and below-ground production allocation data for Scots ...

Nutrient measurements for fine roots were compiled from 56 published studies providing information on 372 different combinations of species, root diameter, rooting depths, and soils at a variety of ...

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