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1. Biology Year Report for Davis Station, 1982 [Davis_biology_report_1982]
Taken from the biology report for Davis Station, 1982, prepared by Mark Tucker. A hardcopy of the report and field books are available in the Australian Antarctic Division library, and pdf copies ...

2. CTD Niskin data for the BROKE_WEST survey [BROKE-West_CTD_Niskin]   PARENT DIF
3 litres of seawater were collected every 2nd CTD (conductivitiy, temperature and depth) cast on every CTD transect of the BROKE-West voyage. 7 CTD transects were completed on the BROKE-West voyage, ...

3. Heard Island Mycorrhizal survey, 2000 [HIMYCO]
Personnel YVES FRENOT 1, DANA M. BERGSTROM 2, J.C. GLOAGUEN 3, R. TAVENARD 4 and D.G. STRULLU 4 1 UMR CNRS 6553 Ecobio, Universit de Rennes 1, Station Biologique, 35380 Paimpont, France, 2 Australian ...

4. Mineralisation results using 14C octadecane at a range of water, nutrient levels and freeze thaw cycles [NW_microcosm_results]
Geochemical, microbial and 14C data on remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in Antarctica. This record is part of ASAC project 1163 (ASAC_1163). Microcosm study using Old Casey petroleum hydrocarbon ...

5. Phytoplankton and hydrological succession in Omega and Taynaya Bays, eastern Antarctica [ASAC_2146]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 2146 See the link below for public details on this project. From the abstracts of the referenced papers: Early season phytoplankton communities in both ...

6. The fate of primary production in Antarctic sea ice: the role of metazoan grazers. [ASAC_1328]
Crustaceans are an important component of the Antarctic marine ecosystem. Large numbers live in or close to the sea-ice cover, using it as a refuge from predation and a source of food. However, the ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6

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