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1. Global Synoptic Climatology Network [gov.noaa.ncdc.C00604]
Global Synoptic Climatology Network is a digital data set archived at the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). This record combines the various types of data that make-up DSI-9290. DSI-9290a - Canada ...

2. Global Synoptic Climatology Network [gov.noaa.ncdc.C00604]
Dataset DSI-9290 is the result of a joint effort to create a Global Synoptic Climatology Network among the Meteorological Service of Canada (Downsview, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia), Research ...

3. European Diatom Database [uk_nc_eddi]   CHILD METADATA
The European Diatom Database (EDDI) is a database of diatom training datsets and transfer functions. It has has been developed by combining and harmonizing data from a series of smaller ...

4. Historical Arctic Rawinsonde Archive [NSIDC-0008]

Note: This data set is now on FTP so references to CD-ROM are historic and no longer applicable.

The Historical Arctic Rawinsonde Archive is on FTP, and it contains ...

5. Hourly Observations, and Daily/Monthly/Seasonal/Annual Weather Data, and Precipitation, for Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway (1751-1915) [NCL00160_169_174_225_226]
The monthly and annual precipitation data resides in 1 book, 'Die Raumliche Und Zeitliche Verteilung Der Niederschlage in Danemark' (C/daa L523) in German. The data contained in this book are tables ...

6. State of the Environment - Norway 2004 [SOE_NORWAY]
State of the Environment Norway ("" provides the latest information about the state and development of the environment. The service presents environmental topics ...

7. Twenty-Five Year Temperature and Precipitation Means for Denmark and Norway (1886-1910) [NCL00126]
The Norway and Denmark data reside in 1 book, 'Bericht Uber Die Ergebnisse De Beobachtungen Fur Das Liv-Est-Kurlandische Regenstationsnetz 25-Jahrige Mittelwerte' (C/dba S774), and is written in German. ...

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