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1. Air Temperature and Thaw Depth, North Slope, Alaska: Field Measurements (1995-97) and Computed Values [ARCSS040]
This data product contains field data measurements of air temperatures and thaw depth (active-layer thickness) measured at locations in north-central Alaska, and modelled values of air temperatures ...

2. N-Factor Values and Air and Ground Surface Temperatures, Kuparuk River Basin, Alaska [ARCSS087]
This data set includes ground surface temperatures and air temperatures measured at ten study plots within the Kuparuk River basin of north-central Alaska. Computed thaw-season 'n-factor' values are ...

3. Model Output From the 'Frost Index' Permafrost Model: Variations in Circumpolar Frozen Ground Conditions and Modeled Future Conditions [ARCSS050]
This data set contains permafrost distribution maps, active-layer thickness maps, and hazard-potential maps constructed using results from the 'frost index' permafrost model (Nelson and Outcalt, 1987) ...

4. Computed Thaw Depth Data, Kuparuk Basin, Alaska, 1995 [ARCSS035]
Cumulative thawing degree-day data were computed from data collected during the 1995 field season at Kuparuk Basin, Alaska. The air temperatures (thawing degree-day sums) from the 10 ARCSS/LAII 1-km ...

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