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1. Regional Survey of Greenland, 1988 - Snow Pit Data [ARCSS046]
Information from two 2-meter snow pits, five 4-meter snow pits, and two 6-meter snow pits, all dug in 1988 from selected sites in Greenland, includes chemistry (H+), stable isotopes (Ca, Cl, Na, K, ...

2. Snow Pit Data from Greenland Summit, 1989 to 1993 [ARCSS049]
Chemistry and isotope information from snow pits dug at the Summit area of Greenland, 1989-1993 includes major ions (Na, K, Mg, Ca, Cl, NO3, SO4), oxygen isotopes (18O) and H2O2. Four snow pits were ...

3. Snow Pit Data from Greenland Summit, 1987 [ARCSS048]
Snow pit and snow sample data are included from the Summit area of Greenland from 1987. One 2-meter snow pit was dug and sampled in 1987 with a 3-cm sampling interval. Four 4-meter snow pits were ...

4. Snow Pit and Ice Core Data from Southern Greenland, 1984 [ARCSS027]
This collection includes surface snow sample, snow pit, and ice core data from summer of 1984 in Greenland (location - 65 degrees 6 minutes north, 44 degrees 52 minutes west, 2625 m a.s.l.). The data ...

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