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1. Bhubaneswar Centre, Orissa (All India Coordinated Research Project on Long Term Fertilizer Experiments) [India.Bhubaneswar]
This long term experiment began in 1972. The experimental site is a tropical area, with a minimum annual temperature of 14 deg C, maximum annual temperature of 37.5 deg C, and mean annual rainfall ...

2. Pantnagar Centre, Uttar Pradesh (All India Coordinated Research Project on Long-Term Fertilizer Experiments)- Soil Organic Matter Database [IISS.Pantnagar]
This project began in 1971 at a tropical site that was once natural forest. The soil is described as a Beni silty clay loam series of fine loamy mixed hyperthermic family of Aquic Hapludoll (USDA). ...

3. Triple Cereal Cropping and Soil Organic Matter Long-term Experiment, China [ZAAS.Cereal]
This experiment began in 1974 at a Warm Temperate SubTropical site in China. The soil was developed from marine deposits but had desalted after long-term cropping and classified as Entisols (Hydric ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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