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1. Effect of Wind on Surface-Water Flows [USGS_SOFIA_metjen]
Flows in and through the Everglades wetlands and bordering subtidal embayments are often characterized by very low velocities that are driven or controlled at various scales by wind, gravity, pressure, ...

The data sets contain data for wind speed and direction at 5 NPS sites: C111, OIH, P33, NESRS3, and Joe Bay

3. Salinity, discharge, stage (tables 1-6, OFR 02-59) [USGS_SOFIA_sal_dis_stage_ofr_02-59]
The report describes the history of roads through the Lower Glades of Everglades National Park and their influence on salinity intrusion. The tables contain data on flows through culverts beneath ...

4. TIME data sets [USGS_SOFIA_time_datasets]   CHILD METADATA
This is a historical archive of TIME data from the past several years. No new data is being added on a regular basis, though archived data will be available for the forseeable future. Data for NOAA ...

5. Vegetation Map of the SICS area [USGS_SOFIA_vegmap]
The map shows the 8-class vegetation cover developed from Landsat TM data used for the SICS area. This map was created specifically for surface-water flow velocity indexing within hydrodynamic models ...

6. Water Budget data [USGS_SOFIA_germanwb_data]
The data set contains data for vapor pressure gradient, air temperature gradient, soil heat flux, water temperature top and bottom, net solar radiation, water level, air temperature, wind direction ...

7. Wind data [USGS_SOFIA_wind_data_jenter]
The dataset contains date and time collected and wind speed and direction for sites at Old Ingraham Highway near Flamingo, FL and C-111. With insight into the functional relationships and into the ...

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