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1. Collaborative Research: Permian-Triassic Basin History of Southern Victoria Land and the Darwin Mountains [Isbell]
Summary of Project and Data Collected This is a collaborative sedimentological (John Isbell, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) , palynological (Rosemary Askin, Ohio State University), ...

2. Continental collision history from arenites of episutural basins in the Northern Apennines, Italy [GSA_BULLETIN_2001001]
[Adapted from "About the GSA Data Repository", ""] The above data set may be dowloaded from the Geological Society of America (GSA) Data Repository, ...

3. Global Paleoclimatic Data for 6000 Year B.P., CDIAC NDP-011 [CDIAC_NDP11]
The data set consists of pollen, lake level, marine plankton data and, where possible, quantitative values estimated from these data gathered from 797 stations. The reasons for choosing these three ...

4. Global Paleogeographic Views of Earth History - Late Precambrian to Recent [Global_Paleogeography]
[From Global Paleogeographic Views of Earth History - Late Precambrian to Recent, by Ronald C. Blakey, ""] The globes presented ...

5. Paleogeography of the Southwestern United States [Paleogeography_SW_US]
[From Paleogeography of the Southwestern US, by Ronald C. Blakey, ""] The images presented here show the paleogeography of the SW US from 1.8 billion ...

6. Regional Paleogeographic Views of Earth History [Blakey_Paleogeographic_Maps]
[From Global Earth History home page by Ron Blakey, ""] This presentation uses a series of paleogeographic and plate-tectonic reconstructions ...

7. The PALEOMAP Project: Paleogeographic Atlas, Plate Tectonic Software, and Paleoclimate Reconstructions [PALEOMAP]
The PALEOMAP project produces paleogreographic maps illustrating the Earth's plate tectonic, paleogeographic, climatic, oceanographic and biogeographic development from the Precambrian to the Modern ...

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