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1. Core Paleomagnetics Analyses, Eastern Canada Offshore and Selected Lakes [Canada_GSC_CorePaleomagAnalyses]
This data set consists of measurements of polarity and intensity of magnetism in sediment cores collected as part of research cruises conducted by or for the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic).Paleomagnetic ...

2. National Paleomagnetic Database [CANEMRCCRSPALEOMAG]
This dataset includes directions of paleomagnetic remanence: NRM for all collected samples; NRM and complete course treatment for analyzed samples; magnetic intensity for all NRM and treatments. ...

3. Nechako NATMAP Project in Central British Columbia, Canada [Canada_GSC_NechakoNATMAP]
The Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and the B.C. Geological Survey Branch (BCGS), together with researchers in universities and industry, have initiated a new geoscientific program in ...

4. Chinese Paleomagnetic Data; WDC Geophysics/Beijing [EARTH_CRUST_WDCD_PALEOMAG]
The following data is currently available : a) Paleomagnetic stratigraphy from these sites - Shanqian, Shouzhi, Longxia, Changle county in Fujiang Province b) Paleomagnetic ...

5. EarthRef Digital Archive (ERDA) [ERDA]
[Adapted from EarthRef home page, ""] The EarthRef Digital Archive (ERDA) contains any type of digital data object associated with the Earth Sciences. Data ...

6. Gravity and Miscellaneous Fieldwork Report - Ingrid Christenson Coast 1980-81 [Survey_1980_81_Ingrid_Christenson]
Report on field season on Ingrid Christenson coast summer 1980-81. Program aims: Helicopter Geophysical (gravity) Glaciological Survey; Palaeomagnetism, Vertical Air Photography. See the report for ...

7. Paleomagnetic Directions and Pole Positions in Russia from the World Data Center for Solid Earth Physics, Moscow [DCBPD21PP]
These data sets are the regularly published summaries of paleomagnetic determinations carried out in the territory of the USSR for the period from 1958 to 1989. The tabular data are based on the determinations ...

8. Paleomagnetics Data for the Antarctic Peninsula, Larsen Basin, and James Ross Islands from the Instituto Antartico Argentino [CDA_AR_GEO_PALEOMAGNETICS_DATA]
This data set contains Ca. 390 samples of igneous and sedimentary rocks exposed in the Antarctic Peninsula, Larsen Basin region and James Ross Islands.

9. The PaleoMagnetic Archival Group (PMAG) Database [PMAG]
[Adapted from PMAG Database home page, ""] The PaleoMagnetic Archival Group (PMAG) Database contains information on modern paleo, rock and geomagnetic data. ...

10. World Paleomagnetic Database; ING, Rome, Italy [Earth_INT_SPACE_ING_PALEOMAG_DB]
The Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica in Rome, Italy, has made available the ASCII version of the Global Paleomagnetic Database (GPMDB) via telnet. The following selection criteria may be used for ...

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