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1. The influence of water and nutrient availability on bryophyte communities in continental Antarctica [ASAC_1087]
Bryophyte Ecophysiology - response to water and nutrients. This project is also related to ASAC project 1313 (ASAC_1313) - Impact of global climate change on Antarctic flora: long-term monitoring ...

2. Tropical Climates At The Last Glacial Maximum [LGM_TROPICAL]
The LGM Tropical Terrestrial Data Synthesis (Farrera et al., 1999) contains quantitative reconstructions of mean temperature of the coldest month (MTCO) and mean annual ground temperature ...

3. STORM-Fronts Experiment Systems Test (STORM-FEST) 15 Minute and Hourly Precipitation Composite Dataset (1992) for the U.S. [STORMFEST_PRECIP]   PARENT DIF
The Cooperative Distributed Interactive Atmospheric Catalog System (CODIAC) home page on the WWW is The STORM-FEST 15-Minute Precipitation composite home page is ...

4. STORM-Fronts Experiment Systems Test (STORM-FEST) 5 Minute and Hourly Surface Land Composite Dataset (1992) for the U.S. [STORMFEST_SURFACE]   PARENT DIF
The cooperative distributed interactive atmospheric catalog system (codiac) home page on the www is STORM-FEST 5-minute land surface composite home page is ...

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