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1. Basic Hydrographic, Nutrient, and Carbon/Nitrogen Chemistries Measured during the JGOFS North Atlantic Bloom Experiment (NABE) [JGOFS_NABE_BOTTLE]
The Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS) seeks to understand the processes that control the transfer of carbon and other biologically active elements in the ocean. In addition, ...

2. Contaminant And Sediment Transport (CAST) Project from Virginia Institute of Marine Science [VIMS_CAST]
This Project was started in July 1996. Seventeen slackwater surveys have been conducted at about 26 stations along the axis of the river, a total length of about 180 km (including the Pamunkey and ...

3. Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)/VCR007: Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Microbial Biomass, Growth, and Activity [LTER_VCR007]
LTER/VCR007: Water quality monitoring at 10 permanent stations from the mainland salt marshes to Quinby Inlet was started in July 1988. These stations are sampled monthly for bacterial abundance, ...

4. Monitoring the Effects of Floyd Storm Water from Virginia Institute of Marine Science [VIMS_FLOYD]
The Effects of Floyd Storm Water in the York and Pamunkey Rivers will be monitored until spatial distribution of salinity returns to normal condition by VIMS physical sciences group. There are a total ...

5. Organic Carbon and Nitrogen Measured during the U.S. JGOFS Arabian Sea Process Study [USJGOFS_ARAB_ORGANIC_CN]
A component of U.S. Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS) is the Arabian Sea Process Study. Eleven cruises took place aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson for about sixteen months ...

6. Particulate Organic Carbon fluxes in Prydz Bay, Southern Ocean during the 22nd CHINARE Nov.2005 - Mar. 2006 [CN_NADC_2005-2006_Prydz_Bay_Southern_Ocean_SensorName_Description]
Dissolved and particulate 234Th, particulate organic carbon in the upper 150m of water columns from five stations in the Prydz Bay, Southern Ocean were determined during the 22nd CHINARE (Chinese ...

7. Particulate organic carbon and nitrogen, water column observations, Jul-Aug 2001, continental margin to the west of Antarctic Peninsula, GLOBEC [POC_PON_SO]
Water column sampling for particulate organic carbon (POC) and particulate organic nitrogen (PON) concentrations were collected using a CTD niskin rosette sampler during a ...

8. Sediment trap profiles [DOKIPY_iAOOS-bio3]
Sediment trap measurements of POC/PON, faecal pellets, pigments were measured during 3 cruises with KV Svalbard and RV Jan Mayen in April and May 2007 and April-May 2008.

9. Sources of Organic Matter in Chesapeake Bay from Virginia Institute of Marine Science [VIMS_ORGANIC]
Sources of Organic Matter in the Chesapeake Bay were determined by several stations over a one year period. Tables have been created for various sampling stations in raw tables. ...

10. UV climate over the Southern Ocean south of Australia, and its biological impact - Cell count results [ASAC_2210_cell_counts]
Minicosm design: Three successive experiments to a maximum incubation of 14 days were performed from mid November to early January in the summer of 2002/03 in a temperature controlled shipping container ...

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