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1. Modern and fossil ostracode census data from the Western Pacific Ocean and seas around Japan [USGS-PRISM-PACIFIC-OSTRACODES]
This data set is part of the Pliocene Research, Interpretation, and Synoptic Mapping (PRISM) Project. The following information about the data set was provided by the data center contact: This ...

ALOS is a comprehensive earth observing satellite system which includes optical sensors for high resolution observation, wide area observation, and fine accuracy ...

3. ALOS PRISM Data [alos_prism]
The Panchromatic Remote-sensing Instrument for Stereo Mapping (PRISM) is a panchromatic radiometer with 2.5m spatial resolution at nadir. Its extracted data will provide a highly accurate digital ...

4. Climatology Products Available from the SCAS OCS PRISM Mapping Project [OREG_CLIMATE_PRISM]
(Source: PRISM Home Page) The data sets available on this web site were created using the PRISM (Parameter-elevation Regressions on Independent Slopes Model) climate mapping system, developed by ...

5. Level 1B2 of PRISM (ALOS) Data Processing (JAXA/EOC) [alos_Level_1B2_of_prism]
Level 1B2 of PRISM is the data that performed geometric correction to Level 1B1 data. The following correction options are available. ...

6. Palynological Data from Pliocene Sediments, DSDP Leg 5 Site 32, Northeastern Pacific Ocean [USGS-OFR-92-712]
Information about the USGS Open-File Report 92-712 data set (Palynological data from Pliocene sediments, DSDP leg 5 site 32, Northeastern Pacific Ocean) are available On-Line via the World Wide Web: ...

7. Palynological data from a 989-ft (301-m) core of Pliocene and early Pleistocenesediments from Bruneau, Idaho [USGS-OFR-92-713]
This data set is part of the Pliocene Research, Interpretation, and Synoptic Mapping (PRISM) Program. Information about the data set are available on line vial the World Wide Web at: "" ...

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