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1. ANALOG - A Program for Estimating Paleoclimate Parameters Using the Method of Modern Analogs [USGS_ANALOG]
ANALOG is controlled by a user-supplied run description file whose name is given as the argument on the command line. The run description file, which is composed of ASCII text, indicates which data ...

2. Bayesian Algorithm for Reconstructing Climate Anomalies in Space and Time [BARCAST]
Reconstructing the spatial pattern of a climate field through time from a data set of overlapping instrumental and climate proxy time series is a non-trivial statistical problem. The need to transform ...

3. The Science Coordination Office (SCO) for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core [DRI_WSD_SCO]
The Science Coordination Office (SCO) for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core is managed by the Desert Research Institute (DRI), Nevada System of Higher Education and by the Institute for ...

4. StrataPlot: Software Application For Storage Retrieval and Graphing of Biostratigraphical Datums [StrataPlot]
StrataPlot, a stand-alone Windows-based application that employs the graphic correlation procedure first described by Shaw (1964), and modified by GEON PI Dr. Emil Platon (Energy and Geosciences Institute, ...

(Summary adapted from PALEOMAP Software web page) ESH-GIS v2.0, Earth System History GIS. (ArcView GIS, Windows 9x/NT) The Earth System History GIS consists of. plate reconstructions for 50 time ...

(Summary adapted from PALEOMAP Software web page) PLATE TRACKER (Windows 9x/NT) version 2.0. This program produces accurate plate tectonic reconstructions for any time interval, in several map projections ...

(Summary adapted from PALEOMAP Software web page) POINT TRACKER (Windows 9x/NT) version 2.0d . This program creates files of user-defined "point" data that can be plotted on the reconstructions ...

8. The PALEOMAP Project: Paleogeographic Atlas, Plate Tectonic Software, and Paleoclimate Reconstructions [PALEOMAP-Serf]
The PALEOMAP project produces paleogreographic maps illustrating the Earth's plate tectonic, paleogeographic, climatic, oceanographic and biogeographic development from the Precambrian to the Modern ...

9. National Ice Core Laboratory Science Management Office [NICL_SMO]
Duration: January 15, 2002 - December 31, 2006 Principal Investigator: Mark S. Twickler The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) jointly manage and operate ...

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