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1. Marsh Analysis and Planning Tool Incorporating Tides and Elevations (MAPTITE) [NOAA_MAPTITE]
This ArcGIS extension is used to identify suitable locations for new marsh plants during coastal wetland restoration. By delineating planting areas and providing point data that can be uploaded to ...

2. Kids' Science Page, National Agricultural Library [nat_ag_kids-00]
Kids, parents and teachers often contact the National Agricultural Library (NAL) to ask about kids' books on agricultural topics or science fair projects. So, we created this Kids' Science Page containing ...

3. Desert Landscaping, Plants for a Water-Scare Environment, A Multimedia CD-ROM [01-Desert_Landscape-CD-00]
(Summary adapted from the Desert Landscaping web site) Desert Landscaping : Plants for a Water-Scarce Environment is a multimedia CD-ROM plant selector covering over 600 low water-use plants. Search ...

4. Nitrogen Decision Aid [USDA_ARS_NDA]
The Nitrogen Decision Aid is a computerized program that predicts the amount of N mineralized from planting to side-dress or 5-leaf growth-stage. By applying just enough N-fertilizer to reach the ...

5. National Phenology Network Education Clearinghouse [NPN_EDUCATION_CLEARINGHOUSE]
The Educators’ Clearinghouse houses educational materials (lesson plans, activity guides, syllabuses, project design plans) to provide a convenient and growing collection of resources on phenology ...

6. Species 2000; An Online Catalogue of the World's Known Species [Species_2000-99]
(Summary adapted from the Species 2000 web site) Species 2000 has the objective of enumerating all known species of plants, animals, fungi and microbes on Earth as the baseline dataset for studies ...

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