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1. The Vertical Distribution of the Pelagic Fish 'Pleuragramma antarcticum' in Prydz Bay [ASAC_608]
A series of 6 sets of midwater trawls in Prydz Bay. Each trawl set took place over a 24 hour period to test the extent of diurnal vertical migration in P. antarcticum. Part of the KROCK cruise of ...

2. The spatial and temporal distribution of the larval fish Pleuragramma antarcticum in the platelet ice and in the water column, Gerlache Inlet. [K018_2006_2008_NZ_4]   PARENT METADATA
Plankton sampling in Gerlache Inlet in the 06-07 season collected large numbers of larvae of the Antarctic ice fish Pleuragramma antarcticum. Samples of Pleuragramma eggs and recently hatched larvae ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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