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1. PODIUMSim - Policy Dialogue Model and Water and Food Security Planning Tool [IWMI_PODIUMSim]
PODIUMSim provides a framework to develop scenarios of water and food supply at river basin, sub-national and national level. It is an interactive tool that runs on a personal computer, and has a ...

2. A Monthly Water-Balance Model Driven By a Graphical User Interface [USGS_OFR_2007_1088]
Monthly water-balance models have been used as a means to examine the various components of the hydrologic cycle (for example, precipitation, evapotranspiration, and runoff). Such models have been ...

3. Precipitation: Decadal Averages Map [cal-adap_precip_decadal]
Precipitation is notoriously variable in California. View a map displaying the projected precipitation for each decade from 1950-2099 using a variety of climate models and scenarios. On average, ...

4. Drought Monitoring Geographic Information System [USGS_VegDRI]
Satellite data provide synoptic, near-real time measurements of surface conditions. Previous studies have established significant relationships between climate variables and satellite-derived vegetation ...

The NCAR LSM 1.0 is a land surface model developed to examine biogeophysical and biogeochemical land-atmosphere interactions, especially the effects of land surfaces on climate and atmospheric chemistry. ...

6. Regional Hydrological and Ecological Simulation System [RHESSys]
RHESSys = Regional Hydrological and Ecological Simulation System RHESSys combines the terrestrial ecosystem process model Biome-BGC with spatially explicit meteorological information from MTCLIM ...

7. USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Metadata Explorer [USDA_PECAD_METADATA_EXPLORER]
The Production Estimates and Crop Assessment Division (PECAD) of USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) is responsible for global crop condition assessments and estimates of area, yield, ...

8. Hydrologic Data and Information System (HyDIS) [unesco_hydis]
The Hydrologic Data and Information System (HyDIS) is a precipitration mapping server. This server provides access to precipitation products from the Precipitation Estimation from Remote Sensing Observation ...

9. NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) [SPoRT-NASA]
High-resolution meteorological forecasts are produced twelve times daily by the Pennsylvania State University/National Center for Atmospheric Research (PSU/NCAR) mesoscale model (MM5v3.4). The PSU/NCAR ...

10. WeatherWise - Interactive Java Applets for Education [WXWISE]
Their goal is to bring you the latest in highly interactive teaching & training aids that you can use in class - with or without the descriptive information. The applets on this page were produced ...

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