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1. Algal composition, physico-chemical features, photosynthetic carbon metabolism, nitrogen cycling and the structure and metabolic properties of algal mats in lakes and streams of southern Victoria Land [K081_1983_1986_NZ_1]
A three year study of lakes and stream of southern Victoria Land was conducted from 1983-1986. In the first season, the algal composition and physico-chemical characteristics of South Victoria Land ...

2. Biology of lichen communities in Antarctica. [CNDA-ESP_LIQ_PAD]   CHILD METADATA
In English: This dataset contains information on the registered data on studies of the biology of lichen communities in Antarctica. This dataset is also the parent record ...

3. Gross and Net Oxygen Production Measured during the JGOFS North Atlantic Bloom Experiment (NABE) [JGOFS_NABE_OXPROD]
The Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (JGOFS) seeks to understand the processes that control the transfer of carbon and other biologically active elements in the ocean. In addition, ...

4. Integrated BIosphere Simulator (IBIS) Data Set [SAGE_LBA_IBIS]
The Earth's terrestrial (land-based) ecosystems are critically important to the welfare of humankind. Food, fiber, fresh water, medicines, and forest products are all derived from our terrestrial ...

5. Metabolic studies in Deschampsia antarctica [012-98_03]
Studies related to the content of non-structural sweeten in Desachampsia antarctica, have been made since 1992. It has been found that the plant accumulates high levels of saccharose and fructose. ...

6. Net and Gross Oxygen Production Measured during the JGOFS Equatorial Pacific Process Study [JGOFS_EQPAC_OXYGEN]
The Equatorial Pacific Process Study (EQPAC) was conducted along 140 deg W longitude during 1992. Four cruises took place: February 3 - March 9, March 19 - April ...

7. The biology of lichen communities in Livingston Island (Antarctic). [CNDA-ESP_ANT90-1117-E_LIQ_02]   PARENT METADATA
In English: Scientific objectives: -The evaluation of photosynthesis and respiration of significant macrolichen species in the Antarctic tundra; -Study of isoenzymes in bipolar lichens; -Microclimatic ...

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