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1. Ecological Relationships of Antarctic Tardigrades [ASAC_354]
An analysis of bedrock and associated soils was conducted at a series of coastal localities in East Antarctica as well as further inland in the Prince Charles Mountains. Protozoans and micrometazoans ...

2. Geophysical imaging, structural analysis, alteration geochemistry of Macquarie Island crust, to constrain tectonic, and hydrothermal history of the ocean floor. [ASAC_2409]
Although oceanic crust covers about 60% of the Earth, relatively little is known of its geology and the processes that have created it. Macquarie Island represents a unique subaerial exposure of the ...

3. Rock Chemistry - Antarctic Whole Rock Geochemistry [rockchem]
This dataset contains information pertaining to rocks collected from the Antarctic. The dataset includes information on the chemical composition, structure, age, lithology, type and location of the ...

4. The strength of the lower continental crust; evidence from the Stillwell Hills-Oygarden Group Coastline. [ASAC_1150]
The nature of the data were lithological and structural geological mapping, in addition to the collection of relevant geological specimens. The quality of the data collected ranges from detailed form ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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