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1. North American Bird Banding and Recovery Database [CANEMRCCRSBIRDBAND]
This banding database provides complete coverage of Canada, including the U.S. and Mexico. The recovery database provides information on birds banded in North America and recovered anywhere ...

2. Australian Antarctic Territory bird banding records [AAT_ABBBS]
Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme Bird Banding records from the Australian Antarctic Territory and Heard Island, a subset of banding and recovery records from within Australian Antarctic Territory ...

3. Pacific Billfish Tag Release and Recovery Data File [NMFS0021]
The Pacific Billfish Tag Release and Recovery Data File contains tag release and recovery information from tunas, sharks, billfishes and other large pelagics tagged by sports fishermen in Central ...

4. Windmill Islands lake and shallow marine sediment cores (ASAC1071; 1998/99 summer) [Windmill_Palaeoenvironment]
Cores from lakes and the shallow marine were taken for investigation of palaeoclimate through proxies such as grain size, TOC, C:N:S and diatoms. The cores have been 14-C dated with some sheel fragments ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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