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1. Adult integument colour - MDO Alaska [1162_4_IPEV_FR]
- Spectrograms or pictures of gape, tongue, eye-ring and bill of each adult that was caught on the tower in Middleton island. - Colour data obtained from those spectrograms and pictures.

2. Banding - MDO Alaska [1162_1_IPEV_FR]
Information on every bird manipulated in 2 study plots, the Tower or Gabbles, on Middleton Island. One file per year - 2004-2009 (ongoing project). One line per capture, even if only few measurements ...

3. Change of biodemographic parameters for the Black legged Kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla on Hornoeya, Eastern Finnmark, Norway [333_0_IPEV_FR]
Long term spatialised demographic data obtained as part of a CNRS/IPEV (French Polar Institute) research program aiming at examining the response of animal populations to environmental variability ...

4. Coastal Waterbird Community Structures in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia, during spring and fall in 1999 - 2004 [UAF_coastalwaterbirds]
This data set contains coastal waterbird survey data 1999 - 2004 in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia. It covers waterbird information (relative abundance), collected with beach scans, percent ...

5. Eggs and chicks MDO Alaska [1162_0_IPEV_FR]
Information on every egg and chick laid and hatched in one study plot, the Tower, on Middleton Island. One file per year, 2004-2009 (ongoing project). One line per egg. It contains the identity of ...

6. Harlequin Duck and waterbird winter surveys around the Wolves Islands, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick [UAF_harlequinduck]
This data set contains boat-based winter waterbird surveys from the Wolves archipelago in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick Canada. This area is a known wintering location of the Eastern ...

7. Nest attendance - MDO Alaska [1162_2_IPEV_FR]
Information on presence or absence of male and female at 9am and 6pm, in each monitored nest in the tower, on Middleton Island. Presence of egg(s) and chick(s) is also noted.

8. Seabird surveys and selected environmental data sets in the Bay of Fundy: findings and conclusions from monthly ferry transects Saint John - Digby - Saint John [UAF_seabirdsurveysBayFundy]
This data set contains monthly survey data from the Saint John ? Digby ferry, Bay of Fundy, Canada, including harbour counts. It covers waterbird, seabird and some sea mammal data, collected ...

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