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1. Oxygen and Deuterium Isotope Measurements from Siberia, 2002-2004 [ARCSS157]
Investigators performed a stable isotope analysis of rain, snow, the Kolyma River, and a local stream near Cherskii, Siberia from 30 June 2002 through 27 April 2004. As part of the Russian-American ...

2. Canadian Rivers Data Set [ARCSS019]
This data set contains daily river discharge rates for 20 rivers, and depth for one river, in Arctic Canada between 1943 and 1989. The data were obtained from Environment Canada, Water Resources ...

3. Russian Rivers Data Set [ARCSS021]
Monthly river flow rates and maximum yearly flow rates for selected rivers in Russia were obtained from Esther Munoz and Seelye Martin at University of Washington, School of Oceanography. The data ...

4. UNH Simulated Topological Network (STN-30) [UNH_STN-30]
Simulated Topological Networks are used to represent the linkage of continental land mass and river networks in the Global Hydrologic Archive and Analysis System (GHAAS). STN networks ...

5. Hydrological Basins of Africa [FAOd0020_148]
Hydrological Basins of Africa, with major basins and sub basins, automatically derived from USGS topographic data with some manual corrections in flat areas. Current version completed March 2000.

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