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1. Integral study of Late Cenozoic Volcanism in the South Shetland Islands, Antartica (Estudio Integral del Volcanismo Cenozoico Superior de las Islas Shetland del Sur, Antartica) [159-70_02]
In this study, the petrographic characteristics and distribution of volcanic rocks of the superior cenozoic in the South Shetland Islands are discussed. The geology of the Coppermine Peninsula, on ...

2. Lipid analysis in Deschampsia antarctica [012-98_01]
The data set consists of the following: - Biochemical analysis of Deschampsia leaves and root; - Chromatographic Analysis of membrane lipids (lipid profile); - Statistical Analysis; and - ...

3. Preliminary data on the accumulation of usnic acid related to ozono depletion in two lichens [003-94_01]
The absorbing properties of UV radiation of lichen phenols agree with their photoprotector capacity determined by in vivo and in vitro methods. The photostability that characterizes these compounds ...

4. Quantitative variations of phenolic compounds related to thallus age in Umbilicaria antarctica in Antarctica [110-88_02]
Densitometric analysis (HPTLC) was used to determine the concentrations of phenolic metabolites in thalli of different ages in Umbilicaria antarctica Frey et Lamb. Usnic acid and atranorin concentrations ...

5. Response of Deschampsia to environmental conditions during the Antarctic summer [012-98_04]
The data is derived from a study of the reaction of Deschampsia to environmental conditions during the Antarctic summer and consists of biochemical analyses of leaves, analyses by HPLC of lipids, ...

6. Size structure of tussocks of a population of Deschampsia antarctica Desv. in Robert Island, Maritime Antarctica [148-92_01]
The distribution and size structure of tussocks of the population of Deschampsia antarctica Desv. was studied in the Coppermine Peninsula, Robert Island. Different study sites showed predominance ...

7. UV Radiation at Robert Island, South Shetland, Antarctica [003-94_02]
Solar ultraviolet radiation measurements by means of chemical actinometry and spectroradiometric instrumental were carried out at the Risopatron base at Robert Island, Antarctic, during January 1996. ...

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